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13 Jobs Your Inner Kid Wishes You Had

Despite what your adult brain tells you, it's not too late to become what you've always wanted to be. Here are 14 jobs that both kids and adults would love, brought to you by Target, who is on track to give $1 billion to education by the end of 2015.

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1. Cartoonist

Via Kristin Rossi / BuzzFeed

Every great cartoonist started his or her career doodling. The internet and modern film industry have created new opportunities to work as an illustrator and animator.

6. Puppeteer

Bdellovibrium Segedania / (CC BY) / Via

Puppetry is an entire artistic craft built around imaginary friends. While digital media has put puppetry on the defensive, there are still theaters and film studios specializing in the art form.

8. Professional Video Game Player


Adults might scoff at someone saying they want to play video games for a living, but this is a growing profession, with the best players earning money through tournaments and lucrative endorsement deals.

9. Sailboat Captain

In 2014, it's still possible to live the life of a pirate. For lovers of the open sea, there are sailing academies where you can receive professional certification to find work as the ship's captain on leisure cruises.

10. Circus Performer


You don't actually have to run away to join the circus. If you love to perform and are athletically inclined, there are clown and circus colleges that lead to well-paying jobs.

11. Fortune Cookie Writer


Aspiring poets and writers can luck out and land one of the rare jobs in the world where you get to write vaguely worded fortune cookie predictions. Sadly, there is no bonus if the predictions come true.

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