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13 Faces All Moms Dealing With Back-To-School Will Recognize

Don't let the face of stress get to you — find everything you need for back-to-school at Target!

1. When enforcing bedtime is harder than nailing a mole recipe.

2. And this is you thinking about how the process of waking the kids up is going to go.

3. When your kid asks if he's gonna like his new teacher...for the 15th time.

4. When you're planning their lunches and realize it's all, like, 80% carbs...

5. ...and you have to come to terms with the fact you must run to the supermarket one last time to get something extremely basic. (FRUIT?! How did you forget la fruta?!)

6. When your sister asks if you have everything ready and you're like, "¡CLARO, YA, TODO COMPRADO!" (and you're lying).

7. When you think of the loads of laundry you'll be doing very, very soon.

8. When they pick out their outfit for their first day and it's a hot mess.

9. When you actually find that lunchbox they're obsessed with in the store.

10. What it's like to walk out of the superstore with the school supply list checked off.

11. When you drop 'em off at school in your pajamas looking like La Chupitos and three moms stop to talk to you.

12. When you realize they'll actually be gone...and you just can't fathom life without their craziness around...

13. ...and how you imagine you'll act for a month straight after picking them up from school, 'cause you'll miss them.❤️

With Target, the only face you'll make is a really happy one, 'cause you'll find all the supplies you need for back-to-school and more. 😉