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19 Impossibly Cute Treats You Can Make For Your Kid And Their Classmates

As we say, "panza llena, corazón contento." Carry impossibly cute school treats in impossibly cute lunchboxes! You can find them at Target. ;)

1. These wonderfully scholarly treats:

2. This EXTREMELY MAGICAL chocolate bark:

3. Popcorn with a punch of color and sweetness!

4. These adorable fruit kabobs!

5. These infallibly delicious and simple peanut butter blossoms:

6. These gorgeous sandía sticks!

7. And for the sports fans, here are some tiny footballs:

8. Yummy baked manzanas!

9. OK, OK, these unicorn poop cupcake cones are JUST. TOO. MUCH.

10. The snack that, like Luis Miguel's classic jams, always steals our hearts.

11. These nautical pretzel rods!

12. Light and fluffly elote muffins.

13. Anything Disney-themed is bound to be a hit, like these cookie pops.

14. Nut-free muffinssss. 🎵 🎵 🎵

15. Can't go wrong with marshmallow pops!

16. Funfetti doughnuts? Uh, please and thank you!

17. More nautical-themed snacks, now in cracker form!

18. Real cherry cheesecake paletas.

19. And last but not least, these lovely unicorns.

Sooo adorable, right? Find adorable lunchboxes and everything else you need to kick off the school year at Target!