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15 Things You Can Only Get Away With At College

Your days are numbered. Make the most of your college experience and get everything you need to have your best year ever at Target.

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1. Eating pizza every day like nobody's business.

You're gonna have to start giving a shiz about your metabolism sooner rather than later, dude.

2. Wearing sweatpants in public.

Or worse, pajamas.

3. Having four-day weekends and staying out until 4 a.m. every night.



4. Binge-watching Netflix instead of doing your work.

5. Waxing poetic about philosophy all the time.

Omikron Omikron / Getty Images/ 128617508

"Nietzsche taught me."

6. Drinking out of red cups.


GO BUY SOME GLASSES, ya heathen.

7. Making full meals in the microwave.

8. Showing up to class wayyy late.


IN THE REAL WORLD, there won't be any classes. There will only be jobs, and if you're late, you might get fired

9. Doing your laundry with Febreze.

MBS / Via

10. Or furnishing your apartment with furniture found on the street.


"WAIT NO! Don't throw away that trashtress!"

11. BSing your LinkedIn profile.


It won't be so cute when you don't have a job, AMIRITE?

12. Having less than 50¢ in your bank account.


Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel. Population: you.

13. Napping whenever you want.

14. Three endless months of summer vacation.

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That's literally never going to happen again.

15. Pulling all-nighters left and right.


Haha, fat chance you'll be doing that again.

Cherish the memories and get everything to have your best year ever at college from Target.