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15 Things From Target To Give Your Dorm Room Some Personality Without Breaking The Bank

From stylish shower caddies to textured throw pillows — and each one is under $50.

Getting ready to move into a dorm, but still deciding what kind of ~aesthetic~ you're going for? Well, you've come to the right place! Target has everything you need to add some personality (and functionality) to every corner of your new living space!

From making your bed as cute and cozy as possible to making sure you have some extra seating for your besties, Target has it all — and for prices that won't stress your parents out!

Here are some things that'll make your dorm room feel like home:

1. A green framed mirror that'll add a pop of color to your door and give you the perfect place to take your #OOTD selfies.

The green framed mirror hanging on a door

2. A peach bath caddy bundle so you can keep your shower essentials in one convenient place. Plus, it's so cute that when you're not using it, it won't be an eyesore in your room.

The bath caddy set in peach with some toiletries inside

3. A reversible microfiber comforter that's lightweight but still warm and comfy. And if you start to get bored with the color, just flip it over and you basically just gave your bed a whole new look!

The pink and peach reversible comforter on a bed

4. And a daisy-print microfiber sheet set, because adding a fun print to your bed is a great way to add some personality while also making it much more soft and cozy.

Black and white daisy printed sheets set on a bed

5. A retro-style mini fridge to add a fun vintage vibe to your dorm while also giving you a place to keep your fave sodas, snacks, or beauty products cold.

The retro mini fridge in red

6. A striped plush throw blanket you'll love to cuddle up in during late-night study sessions or while reading a good book.

Black and white striped throw blanket draped over a couch

7. A sun embroidered throw pillow sure to add a burst of sunshine and good vibes to your couch or bed.

8. And an oversize round pillow that'll make great floor seating when you have a couple of friends over for movie night.

Large round pillows in blue, gray, and green sitting on a floor next to a couch

9. Fabric storage bins, because the fun, colorful prints are a great way to distract from the random clutter hiding inside. And creative storage solutions are ALWAYS a necessity when you're moving into a dorm.

10. A "More Self Love" coffee mug you can use to sip your morning coffee or tea in style, or keep on your desk as a cute penholder.

White coffee mug that says "More self love" in multicolored letters

11. A trendy wire storage table and ottoman that allows you to store a few items inside — like blankets or notebooks — and still have a functional piece of furniture for propping up your feet or setting your drink on.

The wire storage ottoman on a floor next to a couch with notebooks inside it and a book on top

12. Or a square storage ottoman to hide clothes, books, electronics, or whatever else needs a home. It'll seamlessly fit in with the rest of your furniture and give you another surface for sitting or for placing your laptop on.

Storage ottoman in black with a laptop and cup on top

13. A colorful 10-foot, braided charging cable so you can easily find your phone charger and tell it apart from your roommate's. Plus, it's long enough to stretch across the room if you're not sitting right next to an outlet, and because it's braided, it won't get worn out quickly.

The teal braided charging cord

14. Some globe string lights for giving your dorm that photo-worthy cozy aesthetic you've been dreaming of.

Globe string lights hanging on a wall

15. And a sunset-print tapestry to hang above your bed for an artistic accent that'll pull your whole room together.

Sunset tapestry hanging on a wall next to a chair

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