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13 Struggles Of Being The RA Of A College Dorm

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Despite getting free meals and room and board, being an RA can still kinda stink.

1. Before you can even become an RA, you have to go through a tedious application process.

2. And if you're lucky enough to make it through, then there's training.

3. Now that you're a real-life RA, you'll have to start planning tons of events for ungrateful freshmen who never show up.

4. Instead of coming to your super-exciting events, your residents will be trying to throw dorm parties right under your nose.

5. Instead of joining them, your shiny new title forces you to have to catch them in the act.

6. And busting people won't do anything positive for your reputation.

7. Suddenly you're the bad guy!

8. Making friends with your residents will be really hard for you.

9. Seeing them outside the dorm will be really awkward.

10. Especially when you're trying to get turnt.

11. You'll have to get up at all hours of the night to let in anyone who's forgotten their keys.

12. And if there are ever any dorm disputes, you're automatically the mediator.

13. But no matter how real the #struggle may get, at the end of the day, knowing you're helping people will definitely let you sleep at night.

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