15 Reasons Why The First Week Of College Is The Best Week

Sad about going back to school? Well, DON’T BE! You’ve got a really great first week to look forward to, courtesy of Target.

So, going back to college makes you feel like this.

Until you remember how fun the first week is!

1. Because you are finally free from your embarrassing parents!!

Love you, mom and dad!

2. And in your new home.

trevorjamal / Via instagram.com

Look at this beautiful blank canvas—you can decorate this however you want!

3. You’re back with all your buddies.

Omri Rolan / Via facebook.com

Who totally get you.

4. And can indulge in all that delicious campus food.

Nazareth College / Via Flickr: 34600060@N08

There’s also usually an abundance of free food during orientation week. Score!

5. You meet all of your new teachers who are just learning your name.

lets_dothat / Via Flickr: 11360997@N05

The best part is when they ask what you preferred to be called—it’s like opening Pandora’s box.

6. And spend all week doing silly icebreakers.

rachaelfezza / Via instagram.com

Each teacher wants to get to know “a little bit about you,” and will probably make a joke about forgetting everyone’s name.

7. You don’t have any books yet, so all you do is doodle.

koltr0n / Via instagram.com

8. And text in class.

beeshooaradi / Via instagram.com

9. And eat in class.

maritrein / Via instagram.com

10. Basically, anything goes.

ambergolden_juice / Via instagram.com

This is college after all.

11. You finally get to play with all your new school supplies!

EvelynGiggles / Via Flickr: 23797059@N02

Not that you actually really even need any of this.

12. And can walk around your beautiful campus…

James Emery / Via facebook.com

…while the grass is still nice.

13. This is also the time to sign up for something new on club day.

Sharon Duffy / Via facebook.com

Club day is so fun.

14. …Like, perhaps Greek life?

Matt Runkle / Via Flickr: 54690773@N05

15. But no matter what, you’re really feeling school spirit this week.

alexisnyal / Via Flickr: 46984975@N05

Because the first week is the best week!

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