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11 Smart Ways To Turn Your Dorm Room Into A Work Space

Listen, you're not going to want to do school work when you're at college, but you actually have to. Sorry! Make it enjoyable with these hacks, brought to you by Target.

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1. Start with the right lighting.

Dave Kleinschmidt / Via Flickr: 93085601@N00

The right lighting is KEY in productive working. Move your desk near a naturally sunny spot and use "indirect" lighting at much as possible, i.e., mason jars with string lights! Romantic and soft on the eyes.

3. Personalize your accessories.

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If your desk is welcoming you'll be more inclined to work at it! Decorate frames, add some candles and get colorful notebooks to add fun to an otherwise boring place.

9. Make research as easy as possible.

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Make your own personal library right by your desk and stock with dictionaries, style guides and thesauruses. This is a great way to stifle noise from surrounding rooms, and you'll feel really studious for consulting an actual dictionary.

10. Make a DIY calendar.

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Gone are the days of kitten calendars—you're an adult now! Make your own calendar that lasts for years instead of just 365 days. Here's an easy how-to for a dry erase calendar.