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Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space This Spring With These 14 New Target Picks

Get ready for backyard cookouts, porch parties, and more with these super fresh picks from Target!

1. This Outdoor Candle Holder with a boho meets glam look, so your style and candle can shine bright through the night.

The lantern candle holder

2. This Earthenware Indoor/Outdoor Planter with a sleek aqua blue color and wavy pattern because your plants deserve to feel cool too.

3. This Dual Fabric Outdoor Market Umbrella that makes a statement with rope fringe and a coral orange color.

the outdoor umbrella

4. This Terracotta Outdoor Planter with a handcrafted, Southwestern look.

the terracotta planter

Price: $45

5. This Sun Outdoor Throw Pillow to add a bright spot to your outdoor area.

The pillow with a sun pattern

Price: $30

6. This Striped Checks Outdoor Rug in a cool charcoal gray color.

7. This Earthenware Indoor/Outdoor Planter that looks cute even before you fill it with your favorite plant.

8. This Palms Outdoor Throw Pillow for a touch of tropical fun.

9. This Iron Outdoor Wall Planter to turn your plants into wall art for a fresh, on-trend design.

10. This real-looking Artificial Yucca in a ceramic pot that'll convince your friends you have a green thumb...even if you don't.

11. These Square Lantern String Lights that are an updated, boho take on the classic look.

string lights with square shades

Price: $18

12. This Braided Outdoor Rug that'll look as good on your patio as it'll feel under your feet (which is to say *really* good).

13. This cool Ceramic Outdoor Planter because let's face it, you can never have too many plants.

14. This Zig Zag Lumbar Throw Pillow so your outdoor space can be as comfy and cute as your indoors.

Find everything you need for your spring refresh at Target!

All images via Target