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21 Summery Items From Target That Will Make You Say "WANT!"

Take a dip into the most fun season ever with these summer must-haves from Target.

1. Greet everyone's favorite season with the Hello Summer Water Pad.

Aerial view of woman and kid lying on a pad by the pool

2. Relax like a seasoned pro on the Chaise Lounge in Green. Plus, it has a drink holder for easy access to your piña colada.

Ribbed pool lounge chair

3. Make your days splashier with this very cool Swim Tube.

Vibrant float

4. A game of pool volleyball will sound even better with this Rainbow Beach Ball. And just look how cute it is!

Big ball with sky and rainbow motifs inside

5. Amplify the good times lying on a Tie-Dye Round Float.

Oversize tie-dye tube

6. Rest on something delicious with the Popsicle Lounge Float. And oh yeah, it's glittery!

Popsicle-shaped pool float
Target / Via www.target.com

7. Grab your bestie and dip ~in style~ in this Minnidip Pool in Arched Rattan.

Small and stylish three-ring pool

8. If you thought pools couldn't be just utterly adorable...just take a look at the Minni-Splash in Splash of Citrus.

Cute two-ring pool with winking face on bottom

9. Let the fun float around with these awesome Giant Bubble Wands.

Two giant bubble wands, one with ovals and one with stars and hearts

10. The entire family can get some steps in (eh, jumps in) with this supercute Hopscotch Sprinkler.

Hopscotch sprinkler with fun creature prints

11. Match the blue skies and waters with this striped Swim Tube.

Float with stripes in a gradient of blue

12. Magical adventures await with the help of this Butterfly Bubble Wand.

Bubble wand with butterfly wings

13. Take a break from, um, taking a break in this Swim Tube.

Striped swim tube

14. And because anything doggy-themed is just *chef's kiss*, here's a Pup Pool Float.

Float with "dog wearing floral sunglasses" design

15. Grab your drink and shades, and party like there's no tomorrow in this Minnidip Pool.

Small tufted pool

16. And yeah, your pupper can also pawty! Here's this awesome Pup Pool.

Small dog in pool featuring leaves

17. And if a more dynamic form of splashing is what you seek...with Bunch O Balloons you get 100 water balloons in 60 seconds.

Package of balloons in vivid colors

18. Fill mornings or evenings with fun with this Three-Ring Multi-Striped Pool.

Three-ring, multi-striped pool

19. You can ~feel~ the relaxation just by looking at this Chill Out Lounge Float.

The Lounge Float

20. Also welcome a state of absolute peace with this Mesh Lounge Float.

Mesh aquatic lounge

21. Finally, everyone can cool off on a hot day with the superfun Minnidip Splash Pad Sprinkler.

The Minnidip Splash Pad

Get these awesome summer finds and much more at Target.