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    5 Of David Rose's Outfits That I'd Still Wear Today And 5 That Belong To Stay In The Dumpster Fire Of 2020

    Oh, to have David Rose's wardrobe.

    1. The Worst: the poncho

    David Rose wearing a patterned black and grey poncho sweater.

    2. The Best: outstanding in his field

    David Rose sitting in a field holding a pitchfork dressed in all black pants and hoodie, adorned with a faux hawk.

    3. The Worst: it's the jeans for me

    David Rose wearing a grey and black leopard print sweater and gray acid washed biker jeans.

    4. The Best: black sweater with lightning bolt accents

    David Rose from "Schitts Creek" wearing a black sweater accented with white lightning bolts around the neckline.

    5. The Worst: the throwback goths

    David Rose wearing a long black shirt over black joggers pulled up to the shins. Moira Rose wearing a long black hoodie, black shirt, ankle length black pants and black platform sandals.

    6. The Best: nonchalance

    David Rose waring a black sweatshirt with "Nonchalance" written across the front in white letters.

    7. The Worst: the grid kilt

    Patrick wearing a green button down shirt and dark jeans. David wearing a long black sweater over a long white shirt, a windowpane printed kilt. Stevie wearing a blue plaid shirt over a purple tank and jeans.

    8. The Best: simply the best sweater

    David Rose wearing a flame printed sweater. Moira Rose wearing an all black ensemble.

    9. The Worst: the polka dot nightmare

    David Rose wearing a cream colored sweater with large black polka dots.

    10. And The Best: let's get married!

    David Rose dressed in a black tuxedo jacket and black kilt with black calf length socks with a white strips in combat style black boots. Alexis dressed in a satin white dress.

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