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5 Easy Ways To Be A Tad Bit Happier In The New Year

Goals are golden. This is not a how-to it is simply a few tips to make you smile more, relax a bit and brighten your day. Smiles are contagious (no really I am smiling at you right now-so you have to smile too!)

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1. Surf for Babies!

It is really hard to keep a frown when looking at a teeny tiny person. If you don't have kids…I'm sure your Facebook friends do. If they are anything like me-there are a ton of pics to make you feel a bit more cheerful.

2. Walk this way…or that way or even in place! Just move!

Get your blood flowing with some exercise-it does not matter if it is a quick neighborhood walk, Just Dance Marathon or a few squats. Moving makes a difference.

5. Make a list and check it twice!

Mindful Gratitude is my #1 suggestion to boost your mood. Sometimes we forget how much we have…until we write it down and then we remember and then we are like…oh yeah! :) Anyway…notate your notable victories! I wish you a year of happiness!

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