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One Of My Favourite Biscuit Recipies

Some rocking biscuits that we all need from time to time

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Biscuits That Made My Day 10x Better

So today after feeling a little down I made some biscuits and I kid you not they made my day 10x better. Yes, it was a great process to make them and it calmed me down. Eating these clouds of sugar with some chocolate rays of sunshine were great comfort food, that make a plain old cup of tea into a cup of TEA WITH CHOCOLATE GOODNESS!

These biscuits made my family happy, the biscuits let people know that I was thinking for them and I was making something nice for the people in my house. Then to see a smile on someones face because I thought of them and made them biscuits made it worth it. These biscuits were letting people know that I am here for them and in return knowing they're here for me.

These biscuits not only did that but they sparked excitement, it was something that we shouldn't be eating while we're trying to be healthy. Yeah, we were breaking the rules of a diet, but who doesn't love a rebel?

Not only can these biscuits make your day 10x better but you never know, doing something for someone else can make their day better to. You never know if they have had a shit day at work or not, make some biscuits, have a cup of tea and lets talk.

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