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    These 7 Couples From The CW Should Have Ended Up Together And You Know I'm Right

    These love stories, or potential love stories, deserved happy endings.

    🚨WARNING: Spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. Stefan and Elena from The Vampire Diaries

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    The Vampire Diaries was known for its epic romances, but did the characters really end up with the right people?

    Stefan and Elena were the original couple of the show, the first point of the love triangle. While it's understandable that Elena had to eventually explore her feelings for Damon — it was a love triangle after all — she should have found her way back to Stefan in the end. They were perfect together, while she and Damon seemed to always be at odds. Stefan had to practically convince them to stay together at one point, sacrificing his own happiness for the two most important people in his life. They were never compatible, and it's just unrealistic to think that they lived a happy human life together when that was always Stefan and Elena's dream.

    2. Dean and Cas from Supernatural

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    When the Supernatural finale aired a few weeks back, fans of the show were appalled at how the relationship between Dean and Cas was handled. After confessing his love for Dean, Cas was killed off and sent to Hell.

    In the finale, it's briefly mentioned that Cas made it to heaven, but we never see him again, and Dean never addresses Cas' feelings. After 12 years of queerbaiting, I'd say fans were owed a little more than that.

    3. Rory and Logan from Gilmore Girls

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    This is definitely an unpopular one, but I loved this pairing! While I respect the writers' decision to end the show with Rory single, and I understand Rory's decision for turning Logan's proposal down, the end of their relationship seemed rushed. What was the purpose of continuing to develop their relationship if it wasn't going to amount to anything? If this was always going to be Rory's ending, I would have liked to see it less abrupt. Rory and Logan were by far my favorite of Rory's pairings on the show. They complemented each other so well and could have had a real future had Logan not had the urge to propose out of nowhere.

    4. Brooke and Lucas

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    Yes, I'll say it! Peyton and Lucas weren't the soulmates One Tree Hill made them out to be. I agree that Brooke and Lucas needed a break as teenagers, but I wholeheartedly believe they deserved to find their way back to each other as adults. I think they had something there that Peyton and Lucas never did.

    5. Bonnie and Damon from The Vampire Diaries

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    Returning to The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie and Damon had a much more intriguing relationship than anyone else they were paired with. While they never got the chance to be together, the chemistry was undeniable. Who can resist a good enemies to best friends to lovers story? While at first glance these two are complete opposites, they actually find a way to balance out each other's extremes. Their friendship was heartwarming, but it always seemed there was something more there that the writers were too afraid to explore.

    6. Klaus and Caroline from The Originals

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    The Vampire Diaries' spinoff, The Originals, didn't quite get the love stories right either. Klaus and Caroline were a fan favorite on The Vampire Diaries, and when news spread that Caroline would be visiting The Originals it its final season, it was expected that the two would reunite for a (hopefully) happy ending. Unfortunately, Klaus ended up dying a pointless death and Caroline was once again left alone.

    7. Raven and Murphy from The 100

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    Now I have nothing against Emori or Murphy's relationship with her — in fact, I love them! However, I always found his relationship and development with Raven to be more interesting. The two contrast each other in a way that is fascinating. Raven the selfless hero, and Murphy the selfish survivalist. They both learn from each other and become close friends. Their dynamic was always one of my favorites to watch, and I wish it had been explored romantically before the show ended.