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Last Day: Life After The Minimum Wage Hike By Tara Gostling (All Characters Are Fictitious. Similar Names Are Purely Coincidental)

I sent this email to my would-be employers earlier when I was due to begin my shift this afternoon: Good afternoon, After the unprofessional behaviour that was exhibited by Brandon during my first day of training, I am now declining the offer a third time. I was originally sent for an interview on March 9 and told by my recruiter that Matt was absolutely desperate to have people start Monday, March 12. I showed up for my first interview and was left alone in the lobby and ignored for 45 minutes until Matt arrived (45 mins late, no hello or apology) and stomped past me. I sat there for 15 more minutes while I overheard shouting coming from behind the walls of the inner office (if there is even a real office back there). So I left after one hour. The recruiter from the agency called me the following Monday saying Matt is extremely sorry and really wants to see me for an interview. I told her I had accepted a job offer elsewhere. She encouraged me to quit that job and still see Matt because "this was the best opportunity I will ever have". When I met Matt on March 12, he shocked me by announcing the position actually wouldn't commence until April 1 (if even that early). After the interview, I contacted the recruiter to let her know I would be staying with the company I had just accepted the offer from. A week goes by. Monday, March 19, while in training at my new job, Kathy texts me saying Matt wants me to start Monday, March 26 "first thing in the morning" and full-time hours would commence immediately. I ignored her text saying I was at work, but she ignored the fact I was at work and started calling my phone repeatedly so I had to pretend to go to the washroom to take her call. I said I was quite happy where I am but not satisfied with the number of hours I was getting so I asked Kathy if she could ENSURE that full-time hours would commence Monday, March 26. She said they would. I immediately told my new employer that I wouldn't waste any more of their time or money. I then went all last week with no work - costing me about $500. I did this knowing it would be worth it in the end when Kathy and I signed a contract stating that I would begin my first two weeks with 30 guaranteed hours. I was told the role would definitely start Monday, March 26. Friday, March 23, after 5 pm I get a message from Kathy stating the job won't be starting until Tuesday, March 27. So now I've lost one day of earnings on top of the entire previous week. As I am leaving for work on Tuesday morning to begin my first day, Kathy sends a curt email without an apology saying the start date has been changed AGAIN and I will be working at 11 am Wednesday. She even had me previously cancel an evening doctor's appointment this week because she insisted I had to have open availability this week. Tuesday afternoon is when "Brandon" enters the scene and calls me to relay the news that I won't be working until 2 pm on Wednesday, not 11. When I asked if it would be an 8-hour shift, he laughed and said I would only be getting 6 hours this week. Then he sent me a degrading text message asking me to "arrive in professional attire". What did you think Brandon? I was going to show up in a nightgown and slippers with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth? So now thanks to this ridiculous flip-flopping I am out two weeks pay. So I send Brandon who I assumed was some random call centre assistant, a text message declining the job offer and expressing my displeasure with the company. In sending that text, I was DECLINING a job offer and addressing some random person I had never met. Boy, was I shocked when Brandon replied, apologizing and - ASKING ME TO PLEASE STILL COME IN!!! What Brandon did was extend another offer of employment which I chose to accept because I was now in a terrible situation financially thanks to all the false promises I'd received about my start date. You will be shocked to read on and see what Brandon had cooking up for my first day on the job! Yesterday during my three-hour training session with only two other new recruits (My recruiter Kathy said there would be 6 people from the agency. No one there had even heard of the agency). I don't think I need to tell anyone how my performance during training was. I was kind, inquisitive, gregarious, natural, etc etc etc. The other two new hires could barely read the script off the page. At the end of what I thought was a positive experience, Brandon asked me to stay behind. I assumed he would be profusely apologizing and thanking me for accepting his offer. Instead, Brandon tells me that he is "writing me up" because I was unprofessional in the text I sent him and that is "no way to talk to your new manager". I immediately said "But you and Kathy both contacted me after I sent the text to ask me to please give this job another chance" Brandon snarkily replied, "LOOK nobody's forcing you to be here". Well isn't that a nasty thing to say when you know you've caused me to lose out on another promising position. Brandon also threatened my job security and told me he felt uncomfortable "having me go on the phones" because I was so unprofessional. I have one question for you Brandon - what in God's name were you thinking when you apologized and re-extended the offer of employment? Talk about childish and immature. Was this a "you can't quit on us - we're firing YOU" kind of situation Brandon? Do you like always "having the last word"? Wait - I have a second question - Do you honestly think it's legal to "write an employee up" for something they said BEFORE you even offered them employment with your company? You re-extended the job offer knowing FULL WELL what my text to you contained. If you think my text was unprofessional, you should see the kind of unprofessional behaviour your company along with the recruiting agency have been displaying for the past month. Also - I was informed by a low-level "lead generator" when Brandon was out of the room that "we can't keep any employees in our call centre. They all keep quitting or they suck". Gee.... I wonder why they quit. Here's my offer. You need help running your business internally. You have no HR department and no one wants to work for you. I can offer my consulting services as an independent contractor for a fee of $2000, 20 hours a week for a 60 day period. In that time I will guide you through the appropriate way to upload a job posting to Linkedin, Indeed etc. Then I will help you vette your candidates as you are obviously hiring very young, very incompetent young men with very poor reading comprehension. I will teach you to treat your employees with courtesy and respect while making them feel like valued and like "part of the company". In regards to my Jr. Account Manager role: The only way you're going to get me to come in there and allow you to "write me up" on my second day of work, for something I said when I declined your job offer. Something I said before you extended a new offer of employment...again the ONLY way I am showing up for this humiliation, is if Matt takes his shirt off and gives me a lapdance to Nick Jonas - Jealous (Explicit ft. Tinashe) while he's "writing me up". And he needs to have his head freshly shaved. If you can't make that happen, then ALL I WANT is my damn $42 paycheck for the three hours of my time you wasted yesterday when you manipulatively lured me up to your office under the false pretence of kindness and professionalism when you were really planning to "scold me" for "insubordination". If I don't see that paycheck in two weeks - the police will be phoned. Also, Kathy. Please remove my name from your agency's system and close my account. I don't want to hear from ANY of you ever again. If you ignore this and contact me, the police will also be phoned and I will issue a no-contact order against both of your companies and all of their employees. My address is ********. Please send my paycheck to that address and make it out to Felicia S. Spicer. Alternatively, you can send me an email money transfer for $42 to - while you're checking out the URL feel free to read my theatre reviews! All the best to all of you! Bye, Felicia

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