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    22 One-Liners From “The Golden Girls” That’ll Make You Laugh Every Time

    "Like I'm the only person who ever mixed a margarita in a sailor's mouth."

    1. When Blanche finished this iconic saying in her own special way:

    2. When Dorothy pulled this savage AF prank on Blanche:

    3. When Sophia wasn't afraid to tell Dorothy the harsh truth:

    4. When Dorothy served this brutal truth:

    5. When Sophia didn't miss a beat and told Blanche exactly what she thought of her outfit:

    6. When Dorothy had zero time for Rose's stupid questions:

    7. When Sophia had this FIRE comeback:

    8. When Dorothy threw shade at Blanche's family history:

    9. And when Dorothy was all of us getting ready for a date:

    10. When Rose finally stood up to Blanche with this epic burn:

    11. When Sophia perfectly described your relationship with food:

    12. When Blanche showed her true colors:

    13. When Sophia took her sexual frustration out on Rose:

    14. When Dorothy wasn't afraid to put Blanche in her place:

    15. And when even Rose's first impression of Blanche was on point:

    16. When Blanche was the ultimate spirit guide:

    17. When Rose's St. Olaf roots got the best of her:

    18. When Dorothy had enough of Blanche's crazy sexcapades:

    19. When Blanche's beauty sleep was disrupted by a phone call:

    20. When Rose subtly called Blanche out on her figure:

    21. When Rose's naïve personality shined as bright as ever:

    22. And when Blanche said exactly what we were all thinking: