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Lancome's Custom Foundation Is Making Mismatched Makeup A Thing Of The Past

Now your makeup will always be your perfect match!

If you have a really hard time finding your perfect foundation shade, Lancome's custom foundation might change your life.

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Available at Lancome makeup counters in select Nordstrom stores, the entire process lasts for about 10 minutes and costs $80.

The process starts by scanning your skin in three different areas to find your exact shade.

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You can chat with the Lancome associate about which shades of your face you prefer (i.e. if you like the tone of your forehead more than redness on your cheeks, you can gear the foundation towards matching your forehead).

Your information is then sent to the computer and your foundation is mixed right in front of you!

Tara Botwinick / Via BuzzFeed

You can also customize formula and moisture levels.

Tara Botwinick / Via BuzzFeed

Have dry skin? They can add more moisturizer.

Next, a shaker machine mixes the ingredients together into one homogenous pigment.

Tara Botwinick / Via BuzzFeed

Finally, your custom foundation is packaged in a new bottle with a personalized sticker that includes your name and shade so you never forget it!

Tara Botwinick / Via BuzzFeed

Once you go through the shade matching, you'll have your formula for life, so you can re-order easily.

So perfect, you can't even see it.

Tara Botwinick / Via BuzzFeed
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