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13 Inspiring Ways To Celebrate Pride This Year

2020 may be canceled, but Pride is always here to stay.

Pride events have been canceled around the world for everyone's safety. Here are some ways our queer community is keeping Pride alive and thriving. Read on for some inspo!

1. "This Pride month, I will be specifically educating myself on how I can better support and stand up for my black LGBTQ friends and family. I have joined a book & accountability club which will promote discussion on learnings and help identify how and when to action these learnings. On a fashion note, I’ll be wearing my rainbow running shades and rainbow bandana on every run during this month." —Julie

Julie O'Shaughnessy

2. "While I'm upset I can't march this year, everyone can use their skills or talents to celebrate Pride — because it can exist in anything. So as a writer, I'm working on my lesbian rom-com screenplay. If I were a chef, I would donate meals to homeless LGBTQ centers. There's always something you can do in your wheelhouse to help the community." —Alison

3. “My friends and I wanted to do something to support the queer spaces in NYC (and specifically lesbian spaces, which are shrinking in number) that have supported us, so we got together and designed apparel to ship in time for Pride!” —Rachel

Rachel Zuckerman; Acks / Via

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4. "My friends and I are throwing an online party with amateur drag queens!" —Wyatt

vh1 / Via

5. "I was actually never very into Pride...partially due to a natural aversion to crowds...but really more because of my own internalized homophobia. But one day my then-BF looked at me and said, “You don’t like Pride because you have no pride.” It was a big wake-up call. Now that we don’t get to celebrate in person, I realize the importance of Pride more than ever. For this year's Pride, I will be drinking champagne in my Mariah Carey rainbow tank while I listen to Glitter. Get festive, dahling!" —Rory

6. "I will be riding around my neighborhood on a scooter with a pride flag sticking out of my helmet, as well as donating to LGBTQ organizations." —Erica

Erica Levine

7. "I always love Pride events because it feels bittersweet to be surrounded by people who have dealt with similar struggles in their lives. It's a celebration of our uniqueness and our continuous fight for equality. Since we can't gather in large groups this year, I'm going to take the time to reflect back on the milestones our community has surpassed and read old stories of the heroes who came before us, those who made it possible for us to live our truths." —Tara

8. "I'm putting together a virtual queer pub-quiz with my closest gays and allies." —Kate

Kate Bell

9. "I'll be shopping at some virtual queer markets and watching all the gay content, like Pose!" —Dana

FX / Via

10. "In honor of the recent passing of iconic LGBT activist Larry Kramer, I'll be reading his all-time best-selling gay novel, Faggots, a portrayal of NYC in the '70s before the AIDS crisis." —Devin

Goodreads / Via

11. "I will certainly be donating to QPOC small businesses and organizations." —Sarah


12. "I'm doing Pride crafts with my best friend and her girlfriend. This week we are making rainbow tie-dye shirts and masks." —Eva

13. "My friends are I are doing a socially distant Pride picnic, complete with rainbow cake and prosecco, of course." —Kariel

How will you be celebrating Pride this year? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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