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30 Signs Your Bestie Is Your Accidental Boyfriend

There's no need to rush into a relationship when you have your BFF by your side to fill the boyfriend void. So live it up, ladies! And admit it: Being single is pretty damn rad when you own it.

1. You have regularly scheduled dates.


That you dress up for.

2. You finish each other's thoughts.

3. She keeps a spare toothbrush at your place.

4. You're each other's "In Case of Emergencies."

And you blow up each other's phones just for fun.

5. Half of your camera roll is selfies of just you two

6. You call each other babe, cuz Aaron Paul.

7. You bring them home for the holidays to meet the fam.

8. And then your aunt tells you it's OK to be gay.

9. You're partners in crime.


10. You’ve discussed that neither of you is ready for the other to start seeing anyone else.

11. You're each other's crutches when times are tough.


12. You talk about your nightmares.

13. She runs errands for you.


14. You give each other totally platonic massages on the reg.


15. You even have a shared playlist on Spotify.

16. You put up with all her shit.

17. Because she puts up with yours.

18. And no matter what, you always have each other's backs.

19. You party too hard together.

20. Hold each other for support.

21. Then nurse each other's hangovers.


Can someone please pass the Pedialyte?

22. PDA...So much PDA.

23. She's overprotective.

24. But only because she knows what's best for you.

25. When you show up at parties without her, everyone asks where she is.

26. You plan dream vacations to Iceland together.

27. She's seen you at rock bottom.

28. And helped pick you back up again.

29. You know that true connections don't need words.

30. And no matter what, you couldn't live without her.

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