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    Jul 19, 2013

    11 Life Goals You Want To Achieve But Probably Never Will

    We can't always have it all, guys.

    1. Go for a helicopter ride

    But flying is freaky! Plus, gravity’s terrifying, bro

    2. Write a novel

    But 5 days and 1 paragraph later

    Your evil inner critic comes out to play.

    3. Make a vine as creative and artistic as this

    But instead you’re dicking around making vines like this

    4. Reorganize your Tupperware drawer

    imagine the beauty!

    But this you 3 seconds after you start

    5. Make out with this

    Or this

    But get real

    6. Watch Sharknado to prove to your friends you’re all caught up on what’s cool and trendy

    But when it comes down to it, Seinfeld could be on

    7. Rob some stuff

    But you nonchalantly make your escape once your friends have entered the store

    8. Complete a marathon

    But then you realize how much training would be involved

    9. Rage til the sun comes up

    But 5pm Friday rolls around and you're like

    10. Backpack through Europe to 'find yourself'

    But you can't even find your own keys sometimes

    11. Adopt a pet manatee so you can watch it do this all day

    But really, could you imagine!?