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ADOPT ABANDONED PETS: Bosnians Need Love Too!

We know there are already so many dogs in America, living in shelters, waiting for their chance at a forever-life...but half a world a way in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, are hundreds of thousands of abandoned, discarded dogs with no hope of finding love. How can you say no to those adorable faces??

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1. These homeless pups are arriving from Sarajevo to the Washington, D.C. area this summer – and YOU can make their forever home dreams come true!

Why are there so many homeless dogs in Bosnia??

These dogs are the unintended consequence of a war-torn country. As Bosnian families were trying to survive the Sarajevo siege, snipers, and genocide more than 20 years ago, their pets were unfortunately left to survive on their own -- taking residence on the streets.

Now, generations of those displaced pets have either been thrown back out on the street again, or have raised litters of new generations on the same streets in which they were born.

Why do we care? Here's how it all started....

3. Oh boy, there's just something about that face that barks, "LOVE ME!"

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Scotty of Sarajevo...!

5. Oh, FLO!!

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The Tanzie Project / Via

Lovable, cuddly, and full of puppy energy....!

6. Freckles make EVERYPAWDY look cuter....!

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This is Freckles, Flo's sister!!! She's super smart and friendly, and wants to be part of your family!

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