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13 Things You Should Never Say To An Unpaid Intern

Because we WILL spit in your tea

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1. "Come in for a chat"*com%7Cimages%7Clena-headey-07*jpg/ / Via*com%7Cimages%7Clena-headey-07*jpg/

No-one has ever travelled three hours into central London for a "chat". You're trying to keep things casual, but we'd actually prefer you called this an interview. At least it would give us a little dignity.


5. “Leave the bag in” / Via

We slogged through school, spent three years at uni, amassed £30,000 of debt and are now kipping in a mate's bath – all for the privilege of making your whole office five brews a day. And you call us entitled?


12. "Sorry, we no longer pay expenses" / Via

Exc-YOOZ us? The ad said you did. You never said you didn't. When exactly did this "policy" change? And when were you planning to share this news with the only person who cared?

13. "Write your own reference and I'll sign it" / Via

We toiled for eight hours a day, five days a week, for three months, for NO PAY. In fact, this internship has actually cost us money. And now you can't even be arsed to write five lines saying we smiled and put up with your crap? Just… wow.

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