"It’s just so senseless that these acts occur and you can see the pain on both sides," the judge said.

Tanya Chen • 2 days ago

BuzzFeed News has learned an investigative firm is working with “the highest levels of law enforcement” to find the elusive culprit, whom they believe has been conning creatives since 2013.

Tanya Chen • 3 days ago

David Steven Bell was arrested and has been charged with assault.

Tanya Chen • 5 days ago

One victim sustained cuts trying to block the "Kindness"-branded knife.

Tanya Chen • 6 days ago

Some said they hope to make it permanent, while others would be proud to make it a few days.

Tanya Chen • 9 days ago

Fans are accusing Austin McBroom of condoning inappropriate behavior for his own amusement.

Tanya Chen • 10 days ago

Yung entrepreneurship.

Tanya Chen • 12 days ago

Pizza Rat has been dethroned.

Tanya Chen • 17 days ago

The woman who died in the fatal car crash was described by police as "totally innocent."

Tanya Chen • 18 days ago

Collman Lloyd’s parents told BuzzFeed News they were not bothered by President Trump’s choice of words, which some wondered may have ruined Santa for the little girl.

Tanya Chen • 26 days ago

The owner of the accounts told BuzzFeed News he found Pippin after searching “funny dogs” on Google Images in 2015.

Tanya Chen • One month ago

So I see 2018 is still going strong.

Tanya Chen • One month ago

The retired escort, whose real name is Amanda Drago, told BuzzFeed News — well, she told BuzzFeed News a whole fuckin' lot.

Tanya Chen • One month ago

Kevin Parker, a Democrat, apologized to a GOP aide for his "poor choice of words" but not before going on another Twitter tirade against her.

Tanya Chen • One month ago


Tanya Chen • One month ago

The company told BuzzFeed News it initially thought the tweet was "fun and light-hearted."

Tanya Chen • One month ago

Paulina discovered she may have a real knack for production.

Tanya Chen • One month ago

The airline is very sorry for the inconvenience and delays caused to customers by the human organ shipment.

Tanya Chen • One month ago

A student told BuzzFeed News they learned people are "really easy to manipulate."

Tanya Chen • One month ago

A fake code red alarm intentionally made for students and teachers to believe was real sent students into panic attacks and a mad stampede. The school seems to blame students for sharing their panic on social media.

Tanya Chen • One month ago