The Twitter User Who Sued FuckJerry And Owner Elliot Tebele Over A Meme Has Dropped His Lawsuit

FuckJerry and Jerry Media's legal team said Olorunfemi Coker, also known as @iamFemiFactor on Twitter, had no legal claim to the meme to begin with.

Tanya Chen • 2 days ago

The Famous Vegan YouTuber Who Was Viciously Shamed For Being Caught Eating Meat Is Now Defending Herself

Yovana Mendoza, better known as Rawvana, told BuzzFeed News her "intentions are and always have been good." She just wants to eat what she wants without judgment.

Tanya Chen • 2 days ago

United Airlines Announced It Will Be The First Airline To Offer Nonbinary Gender Options For Customers To Book Flights

The airline said the decision was made to "lead the industry in LGBT inclusivity"

Tanya Chen • 2 days ago

A Transgender Student Said He's Being Forced To Run For Prom Queen Even Though He Was Nominated As Prom King

Dex Frier told BuzzFeed News he felt "suppressed" by his school's insistence that he had to run on the prom queen ballot — or not at all.

Tanya Chen • 3 days ago

A Twitter User Is Suing FuckJerry And Owner Elliot Tebele For Stealing A Meme

Olorunfemi Coker (@iamFemiFactor) is suing for $150,000 in damages.

Tanya Chen • 3 days ago

A Beauty Vlogger Is Accused Of Being A Rape Apologist. He Said He Shouldn't Be Judged For What He Did As A Teen.

"I’m turning 21 this year and I don’t want to be remembered for the things I did when I was 17," MUA YouTuber Gothfruits told BuzzFeed News.

Tanya Chen • 3 days ago

Fans Are Pissed After A Famous Vegan YouTuber Was Allegedly Caught Eating Fish In Another Person's Vlog

Yovana "Rawvana" Mendoza's vegan fans are livid and are spamming her social media pages with fish images and emojis.

Tanya Chen • 5 days ago

Sephora And TRESemmé Have Dropped YouTuber And Influencer Olivia Jade Amid The College Admissions Cheating Scandal

Lori Loughlin's daughter had enthusiastically announced her make-up collaboration in a YouTube vlog posted just four months ago.

Tanya Chen • 10 days ago

Two Stanford Students Are Suing Schools Involved In The College Admissions Scam

Erica Olsen and Kalea Woods are seeking punitive and compensatory damages, as well as compensation for the $80 application fee to apply to Yale University.

Tanya Chen • 10 days ago

This Photographer Took Stunning Photos Of The Exact Moment Her Son Was Born

"I tucked my chin to my chest, I balanced my camera on my stomach, I looked in my viewfinder, and started shooting."

Tanya Chen • 11 days ago
Tanya Chen • 12 days ago

An Aspiring YouTuber Thought A Man Was Sending Her Money On Venmo But He Was Setting Her Up For A Really Brutal Burn

Ali Resuta said she was excited when a guy asked for her Venmo account after watching her YouTube vlogs. "I was so wrong," she said.

Tanya Chen • 12 days ago

A World War II Memorial Was Covered With "Subscribe To PewDiePie"

The YouTube star has used racial slurs and been accused of anti-Semitism in the past.

Stephanie McNeal • 16 days ago

A Woman Began Requesting Money From A Man To Respond To His DMs And His Reaction Was Priceless (Badum-Ch)

The man took us on a journey that began with him bragging about being "a real gangster and pimp," to a reminder that he belonged to a family of attorneys, to then entertaining a monetary deal where they could continue to converse and potentially have sexual intercourse.

Tanya Chen • 17 days ago

This Is A Story About How A 72-Year-Old Grandfather Taught Himself To Make Trap Music And Caught The Attention Of Producers

Arthur Dubois taught himself to produce music — trap music — when he was 66 years old. On Monday, he finally played it for someone, and his beats have now gone viral.

Tanya Chen • 18 days ago

An Uber Driver Created A Hilariously Thoughtful Menu To Allow His Customers To Choose Their Ride Experience With Him

George Ure lets his Uber riders choose from a list of options that include "The Silent Ride," "The Therapy Ride," and "The Stand Up [Ride]."

Tanya Chen • 20 days ago

Parents Shouldn’t Fear Momo. They Should Fear How Little They Understand YouTube.

“If you take kids to the park and you stand three feet away from them, you should stand three feet away while they’re on YouTube.”

Tanya Chen • 23 days ago

A Woman’s Grandma Had To Be Rescued By A Boat Captain After Floating Out To Sea On An Ice Throne

“Here’s hoping 2019 is the year I peacefully drift out to sea on an iceberg like this grandma.”

Tanya Chen • 24 days ago

A Man Is Facing A Felony Charge For Allegedly Placing His Testicles On An Order Of Salsa Because The Customer Only Tipped 89 Cents

In a Facebook video, a former driver for a food delivery company says, “this is what you get when you give an 89-cent tip.”

Tanya Chen • 25 days ago

Rapper Lil Xan And His Pregnant Girlfriend Are Being Accused Of Sharing Fake Ultrasound Photos Allegedly Pulled From Google

“This is our baby at nine weeks,” Annie Smith claimed in a YouTube vlog, while showing multiple ultrasound images.

Tanya Chen • 26 days ago