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A Woman In Coachella Was Arrested After She Was Seen On Camera Tossing 7 Puppies In A Dumpster

Riverside County Animal Services told BuzzFeed News that had a man not discovered the 3-day-old puppies within a 15-minute window, they would not have survived.

Tanya Chen • 16 hours ago

Sarah Sanders Admitted To Mueller's Team That She Lied About The Reason For James Comey Being Fired

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told special counsel investigators some of her comments were a "slip of the tongue."

Tanya Chen • 4 days ago

This Mom's Reaction To Discovering Her Kids Had Shaved Their Heads Has Everyone On The Internet Applauding

She told BuzzFeed News her kids think their new bald heads make them look "cool."

Tanya Chen • 5 days ago

A 15-Year-Old YouTuber And Influencer Has Caused Anger And Concern After Suggesting She Was Married And Pregnant

Danielle Cohn’s Instagrams, tweets, and videos caused a firestorm of heated reactions. Her mother told BuzzFeed News her daughter did not legally wed her teen boyfriend.

Tanya Chen • 6 days ago

Tiger Woods Wins

Why is this on your timeline? Listen here: "Tiger Woods is Britney Spears for Dads."

Tanya Chen • 8 days ago

Here Are The Best, Thirstiest, And Most Accurate Captions To *That* Picture Of Andy Samberg Because You Deserve It

"He's got such strong 'guy in your office you think of as just sort of a funny guy, and then all of a sudden you realise you're going for after-work drinks twice a week mostly hoping he'll be there' vibes."

Tanya Chen • 8 days ago

A "Gas Out" Day Idea To Lower Gas Prices Is Going Viral But It's Been Proven To Be Ineffective And Inaccurate

The fake effort appeared to have started as an email chain in 2000. Then it spread again on Facebook in 2012. Now in 2019, it's gone viral on Twitter and become a meme.

Tanya Chen • 10 days ago

A Major Influencer And A Popular Fashion Copycat Account Are Throwing Jabs At Each Other On Instagram Over A Headband

@Ariellecharnas and @Diet_Prada are accusing each other of a litany of things and weaponizing their millions of followers in their ongoing feud.

Tanya Chen • 11 days ago

A Library Had To Tell Disappointed Teens That Their Anti-Prom Event Will Have No "Snakes" — Just Snacks. There Was A Typo.

"There was a typo in a local paper that said we will have snakes. We will have snacks. Snacks is what we will have," the Pflugerville Public Library told community members.

Tanya Chen • 12 days ago

A Woman Has Been Charged With A Felony After Several Racist Remarks Were Spray-Painted Around Oklahoma City

According to an affidavit, Allison Johnson told police her intent was "to scare Jewish people, and people of different races, other than white."

Tanya Chen • 13 days ago

FAFSA Hilariously Let A Teen Flexing On Social Media About Prom Know They're Watching And Now Everyone Is Paranoid

A rep for the US Department of Education assured BuzzFeed News that it is not actually actively monitoring anyone's social media accounts to determine aid eligibility.

Tanya Chen • 14 days ago

A Man Created An Instagram About Church Leaders In Expensive Designer Shoes. It's Sending People Down An Existential Morality Spiral.

“I started questioning myself, ‘What is OK as far as far as pastors wearing hype or designer clothing?’” the Instagram PreachersNSneakers’ creator told BuzzFeed News.

Tanya Chen • 17 days ago
Tanya Chen • 19 days ago
Tanya Chen • 20 days ago

Here Are The April Fools' Jokes That Were Particularly Cruel This Year

Tom Brady managed to piss off everyone with his first tweet.

Tanya Chen • 21 days ago

Friends Are Hilariously Taking The Emoji Challenge In Group Texts And It’s The Purest Form Of Internet We Have

A user who went viral after sharing his conversation with his friend said the challenge is “very good and funny.” BuzzFeed News can confirm the trend is indeed very good and funny.

Tanya Chen • 24 days ago

Anna Delvey AKA The Soho Scammer Has A Celebrity Stylist For Court Who Confirmed She Is Getting Paid For The Job

The alleged scammer’s stylist, Anastasia Walker, told BuzzFeed News that she could not yet reveal exactly how she was getting paid.

Tanya Chen • 25 days ago

Chicago Is Shocked At The Jussie Smollett Result. But Some Are Shocked That People Are Shocked.

The decision to drop all criminal charges against the Empire actor stunned many around the country, but reactions were more complex in Chicago.

Tanya Chen • 26 days ago

NASA Canceled A Historic All-Women Spacewalk Because It Could Only Offer One Suit That Fit The Women

Hillary Clinton was among those who responded to the controversy, writing simply, “Make another suit.”

Tanya Chen • 27 days ago

A Man Scammed Over $100 Million Out Of Google And Facebook With Fake Invoices

Evaldas Rimasauskas pleaded guilty to the scheme last week.

Tanya Chen • 28 days ago