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19 Things That Prove Vancouver Island Is Both Stunning And Strange AF

A beary special place weed all like to visit.

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1. Vancouver Island is a naturally and uniquely stunning isle off the shores of British Columbia.

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2. ...Where absolutely nothing weird ever happens!!!!

We're looking at you, Nanaimo.

We're looking at you, Nanaimo.

3. The island's landscape lends itself to gorgeous panoramic photos and views.

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4. ...But if you zoom in, you sometimes get a slightly different story.

5. Like these historic roads in Nanaimo:

Google Maps


Google Maps

7. The entire island is lush with trees and Mother Nature's fine greenery...

Creative Commons / Flickr: inottawa

8. ...That get shaped, intentionally or unintentially, by human adult's childish humour.

9. (Oh, what a convenient "accident".)

10. It inspires a certain hippie-chic lifestyle that only encourages you to go out and explore the great, and grandiose, outdoors.

11. ...But with too much encouragement, comes this:

Instagram: @robinrichmondreichman

12. Or this:

13. In all, they are a warm-loving and happy bunch, just minding their own lovely business on the island...

14. ...Until shit hits the fan — almost literally.

15. (Seriously. They're a beautiful crop of people, but do not cross them.)

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16. Tofino is the crux of all things ~chill~ and ~beachy~ and ~instagrammable~.

Instagram: @inthewaterallthetime

18. Still though: Some of the best inhabitants aren't human, but incredible wildlife, swimming off its shores and scampering about the land. Living in beautiful harmony.

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Creative Commons / Flickr: cletch
Creative Commons / Flickr: -jvl-

19. ...JK. There's a hierarchy.

Lisa Bell

20. ...And very little to no boundaries between wildlife and human-life.

21. But when all of island's cute quirks and natural wonders collide: Something special truly arises.

Yes, it's a tent city for rabbits!!!!!! Never be anything else, Vancouver Island.

Yes, it's a tent city for rabbits!!!!!! Never be anything else, Vancouver Island.