Cleveland Cavaliers’ Janitors, Food Vendors, And Police Are All Getting A Championship Ring

Recognition for everyday MVPs.

1. Dan Gilbert, the majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is reportedly giving a 2016 championship ring to employees who work for the team and their home arena.

Jason Miller / Getty Images

According to, more than 1,000 full-time and part-time employees in the organization will receive the newest NBA championship ring.

While it’s not every employee, this does include seat ushers, ticketers, janitors, security guards, and local police officers.

2. The gesture will cost an estimated $1 million or more. Folks got a preview of the blingy title ring earlier this month.

3. People can’t believe it, and are applauding Gilbert for his thoughtfulness.

6. While others in the Cleveland area are excited for… other reasons.

Gonna be hitting every pawn shop in Cleveland to get my own Cavs championship ring.

— Justin Hustle (@justinhustle)

Plottin to IG my uncle's Cavs championship ring lol

— nevaRWilliams (@nevaRWilliams)

9. Here is exclusive live footage of Gilbert’s giving-spree:

Harpo Studios

No, but seriously, if anyone of you Cavs employees is not really feeling your ring, my contact information is listed at the bottom.

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