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    OMG, The Famous "Mean Girls" Mansion Is Now For Sale

    "Wow, your house is really nice." —Them. "I know, right?" —You.

    Yes, that mansion.

    This estate in Toronto, made instantly iconic by Mean Girls, is officially on the market. Translation: You can basically live in Regina George's home.

    Paramount Pictures
    Paramount Pictures

    Well, if you have $14.8 million on hand and/or Regina George's parents, that is.

    The 12-bathroom, 20,000-square-foot mansion has been listed for a week. It's being described as a "NeoClassical Solid Stone Estate that features the perfect balance of grandeur and elegance."

    While it still features the grand marble entrance where the girls first strut through...

    Paramount Pictures

    ...some renovations and decor changes have made the current model a bit different from the movie set.

    The living room where Regina's little sister is dancing to Kelis' "Milkshake" music video...

    Paramount Pictures

    ...the kitchen entrance where Mrs. George says, "I'm gonna make you girls a hump-day treat!"

    Paramount Pictures

    ...and of course Regina's famous master bedroom.

    Paramount Pictures

    "This is your room?"

    "It was my parents' room, but I made them trade me."

    If you're actually considering purchasing this home, you can look at this luxurious Canadian listing/pop culture artifact here.

    But we have the perfect Canadian in mind to live there...


    The powerful Regina George quote about her master bedroom is "I made them trade me." An earlier version of this article misquoted her as saying, "I made them treat me."

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