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    18 Pictures That Are Literally You As A Canadian

    You flirting: Oui, oui, hon, hon bonjour.

    1. When you relate more to raccoons than people:

    2. When you're following what's going on with Trump across the border:

    3. And when you just... don't... get it:

    4. When it's still snowing in May, but you're just grateful:

    5. When there is conflict between the U.S. and U.K. and you don't know whose side you're on:

    6. But, like, you're still always on the sidelines watching:

    7. When you went through your angsty Avril phase:

    8. When Americans do THAT THING EVERY TIME:

    9. When you're legitimately afraid:

    10. When you imagine what kind of wife you would be:

    11. ...What kind of parent you would be:

    12. ... And what your rap moniker would be:

    13. When you are being resourceful:

    14. When you meet other Canadians abroad:

    15. When you're abroad and anytime anything tangentially related to your home country is brought up:

    16. When you come across American currency:

    17. When you know the country's real queen is Sandra Oh:

    18. And when you flirt: