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Everyone Made The Same Damn Joke About Canadian Track Star Andre De Grasse

"Yes. We got it." — Canada.

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This is Andre De Grasse, Canada's Track & Field bronze-medal winner (yay!) and best friend to Usain Bolt (well, maybe).

Paul Gilham / Getty Images

And yes, he is from Canada and his name is Andre De Grasse.

"You are correct" — him, above.
Olivier Morin / AFP / Getty Images

"You are correct" — him, above.

And yes, we know: De Grasse sounds a lot like another Canadian thing.

Yes, you guys are very funny.

We get itttttttttttttt.


*Trying very hard to remain polite* Har har har! You got us!

De Grasse also gets it — a lot. More than you guys know.

So any jokes/confusion/quips: We hear you. And we think it's very good, top-notch humour. And let's move on.

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

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