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12 Of The World's Most Dangerous Animals As Babies

The most dangerous were once dangerously cute.

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1. Pufferfish

Flickr: saspotato / Via Creative Commons

Almost all pufferfish have tetrodotoxin, a substance that's 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide. And don't be fooled by their tiny size: there is enough toxin in one fish to kill about 30 adult humans.

2. Hippopotamuses

Flickr: doug88888 / Via Creative Commons

Hippos are the most dangerous mammal in Africa. They are incredibly aggressive and territorial, and when coupled with their complete unpredictability, hippos are responsible for more human deaths than any other mammal in Africa.

4. Rhinoceroses

Flickr: dancoulter / Via Creative Commons

Deemed one of the most unpredictably dangerous animals on the planet, rhinos will charge at anything they feel remotely threatened by. Their bad eyesight and senses for their surroundings make them even more unpredictable.

5. Box Jellyfish

Flickr: threemilesdwn / Via Creative Commons

With darts that pierce toxins through the skin and into the blood, eventually stopping its victim's heart, box jellyfish attacks are known as "the most explosive envenomation process that is presently known to humans."

6. Poison Dart Frogs

Flickr: pasha_k / Via Creative Commons

As beautiful as they are (coming in over 100 variations of vibrant colors and shapes), POISON dart frogs are VERY POISONOUS. They use their colors to ward off potential predators.

7. African Lions

Flickr: rainbirder / Via Creative Commons

Found in sub-Saharan Africa, these lions usually do not target humans, but they have killed dozens. Over a century ago, two lions found their way to a Kenyan camp near the Tzavo River and terrorized and ate 135 residents — supposedly. Other reports claim only 35 people were ingested. Still. They were then deemed "man-eating" lions.

11. Hyenas

Flickr: arnolouise / Via Creative Commons

Hyenas have pretty horrible reputations — and all warranted. These mangy scavengers are capable of attacking (and have attacked) mammals of all kind. And yes, humans included.

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