39 Wonderful Things That Are So Canada

    From far and wide, we stand on guard for thee-se things.

    1. Beautiful Bubbles Inside an Aero Bar

    2. Bagged Milk

    3. Lounette and Molly from The Big Comfy Couch

    4. The Famous (or Infamous) Tuxedo

    5. BeaverTail Pastries that Look Adorably and Deliciously Like Beaver Tails

    6. The Red Green Show

    7. Canadian Tire Money

    8. Tim Hortons and Beautiful Balls of Timbits

    9. Braceface

    10. Praising the Almighty Moose

    11. Poutine

    12. Drake's $100 USD ($103 CAD) Smile

    13. Degrassi: The Next Generation


    15. The Rachel McAdams + Ryan Gosling 4ever Fantasy

    16. Anything Edible À La Maple Syrup

    And most importantly, the maple lolli.

    17. Kraft Dinners

    18. Putting Coins Inside of Other Coins and Giving It a Badass Name

    19. Steve Nash

    20. Early 2000s Sk8r Avril Lavigne

    21. Ketchup Chips

    22. Universal Health Care

    23. Still Listening to Our Lady Peace

    24. The Crispest Apples on Earth

    25. Tobogganing

    26. Nanaimo Bars

    27. Making a Family Trip to the Aviation Museum

    28. Efficiently Bundling and Stacking Logs

    29. Any Excuse to Protest

    30. Kind of Pointless but VERY SMOOTH Souvenir Pebbles

    31. Michael J. Fox

    32. Watching the Zamboni During Hockey Game Breaks

    33. Unique Expressions of Patriotism

    34. Colin Mochrie from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    35. Knowing When to Appropriately Use This Word:

    36. Drinking Native Brews

    37. Complete Adoration For Baby Seals

    38. Rupert, The Very Rational Bear

    39. And BEING POLITE