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    Women Are Proudly Posting Armpit-Hair Selfies All Over Chinese Social Media

    Female underarm ambush has officially gone global.

    Earlier this year, the "Natural Beauty" photo project by British photographer Ben Hopper took off, depicting models posing with their natural armpit hair.

    Ben Hopper / Via

    The series was "a type of protest by creating a contrast between common ‘fashionable’ female beauty and the raw unconventional look of female armpit hair," he told BuzzFeed.

    And the movement has been recently resurfaced, this time by Chinese netizens.

    On July 17, a fan page on Weibo challenged women to not shave their armpits as an effort to promote a different — and healthier — standard of beauty.

    The page created a Chinese hashtag which translates in English to "GirlsDon'tPluckTheirArmpitHairCompetition."

    Within days, women began posting photos of themselves, unshaven.

    These selfies have since been dubbed "armpit hair selfies."

    And there are a ton. The page has now garnered close to 30 million fans.

    Although the competition closed in late July, with a few even receiving unknown prizes, Chinese women are still proudly sharing their armpit selfies.

    TomoNews reported about a dozen girls who posted selfies to the page received a prize – although the exact prizes are unknown.

    With some women having fun and even taking it to new ...lengths.

    #ArmpitHairSelfies: bless.

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