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The 19 Most Pleasurable Things To Ever Happen In Winter

*heavy, frosty breathing*

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Wintersexual Canadian /win(t)ərˈsekSH(əw)əl kəˈnək)/

1. A person of Canada who does not loathe, and sometimes loves, the coldest season of the year.

2. A person of Canada sexually attracted to the coldest season of the year.

1. This mesmerizing video of a bubble freezing in a -25 degree day in Calgary.

2. This mold pulled off a frozen leaf.

3. This perfect sheet of ice after rolling down the car window. Then pushing it out.

4. And this perfect slice to clear out a slab of ice — minimal scraping.

5. The first step and crackle of ice.

6. The first walk in fresh snow.

7. This neatly stacked firewood.

8. And the neatly stacked sheets of ice at the end of this slide.

9. The razor-straight line of snow at this garage door.

10. This thick blanket of snow on a bench.

11. And this one, after snow fell through its slabs.

12. This pristine mold of a door.

13. This contraption effectively shovelling snow off a roof.

14. The wave created after a slab of snow slid off this roof.

15. The frost tickling this fence.

16. The frost in the shadow of this house.

17. The trails of someone kayaking through this frozen lake.

18. And the shattering of this frozen pond by a firecracker.