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Why You Should Celebrate Being Single Today With South Korea

It's about flying solo — together!

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Each year, South Koreans recognize "Black Day," an informal holiday that celebrates (while also simultaneously mourning) singlehood.

"Black Day" is a response to Korea's own two-part Sadie-Hawkins-style version of Valentine's Day: Once on February 14, when girls buy chocolates for guys, and once on March 14 (also known as "White Day"), when guys buy candies or chocolates for girls.

For those uncoupled and unable to participate on either Valentine's occasion, there's "Black Day."

But "Black Day" isn't just any singles' appreciation day. It's a display of truly quirky and playful traditions.

Here are just some of the reasons why we should consider adopting them:

1. They drown their sorrows in delicious bowls of black bean "jajangmyeon" noodles.

The Chinese-derived dish is comprised of noodles, pork, vegetable garnishes, and topped with a thick salty black soybean paste. It's a national favorite.