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    20 Weed Hacks To Optimize Your Stoner Experience

    And get ~WaVy~ more efficiently.

    1. Put a CD over the bowl you're packing to prevent any weed from spilling.

    2. Clean your cashed cone with the end of a plastic spoon. (It's sharp enough and will usually fit perfectly.)

    3. Pipe cleaners are actually amazing pipe cleaners.

    4. If you don't have pipe cleaners, a ziplock bag, sea salt and rubbing alcohol are also extremely effective.

    Throw your piece in a ziplock bag with rubbing alcohol and seal salt and shake for five mins, then let it sit for another 20. It'll clean out all that ash.

    5. Wrap black construction paper around your weed jar to prevent exposure to light, keeping your bud fresher for longer.

    6. Attach a magnet to your bong and never search for the lighter again.

    7. When you're at a good high, throw your mouth a party with pop rocks.

    8. If you don't have a grinder on hand, put a penny in an empty pill bottle and shake.

    9. Schedule your smokes around meal times.

    10. An old birthday card can become a DIY filter.

    11. Brushing your teeth while high will ensure you're scrubbing 'em for the recommended 2 minutes.


    Your dentist will be very happy.

    12. If you're transporting weed, keep pieces in bubble wrap to prevent them from breaking.

    13. Leaving some remnants in the packaging of flavored wraps will give your weed a nice flavor.

    14. Drinking coffee during or after smoking will keep you awake for your high.


    And you might actually make it out of your house to do things this time.

    15. Eat watermelon.


    You'll forget your civilized manners and just bury your face all up in it. How watermelon should be consumed.

    16. Finding good online playlists specific to stoners will optimize your high.

    17. Pop a mint in your mouth to put an end to your munchie madness.

    18. Use your Game Cube consoler to hold your slider.

    19. Smear a tiny drop of honey or agave over a finished joint skin to keep it from burning too quickly.

    20. Smoking with your usual group of friends? BACK MASSAGE TRAINS.