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    These Two Guys Dancing To Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" Will Give You So Much Life


    Over the weekend, UC Irvine student Jeffrey Caluag uploaded this choreographed video of him and a friend dancing to "Anaconda" to his Tumblr page:

    It's since gotten nearly 250,000 notes because THESE TWO ARE GETTING. THEIR. WHOLE. LIFE.

    It's basically given us fabulous fodder for everyday situations, like:

    Waking up:

    When someone compliments you on your outfit:

    When you walk into class at the same time the teacher calls your name for attendance:

    When you drop your phone:

    When you sprain your back and play it off cool:

    When you see bae across the room:

    And the exact moment you realize you just committed choreography slay-age.

    Bravo, you two. Bra-vo.

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