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    Updated on Aug 18, 2020. Posted on Nov 21, 2014

    29 Lil' Pieces Of Tumblr Inspiration To Make You Feel Less Sucky Today

    And help you get through the day.

    1. If you're a lil' sad today:

    2. Quick! Look:

    3. If you're down on yourself today:

    4. If it's been a lil' hard to get through your work week:

    5. If you don't feel that cute:

    6. If you don't know how to feel cute:

    7. If someone has already ruined your day:

    8. And you need to put it all into perspective:

    9. Example:

    10. If you feel like garbage:

    11. If you think no one cares:

    12. If you've ever doubted your badassery:

    13. If you feel like you can't get anything right today:

    14. If you need instant empowerment:

    15. If you feel guilty satisfying your sweet tooth:

    16. If someone has told you "you look tired" today:

    17. If you get in an argument with your bf/gf/bff/gff today:

    18. If you're insecure about not being "an expert on" or "good at" anything:

    19. Or if you're just a naturally anxious person:

    20. If you feel fat today:

    21. If your friends and co-workers didn't notice your dope outfit today:

    22. Example:

    23. Srsly, think about where you are, and where you've been:

    24. Even if a picture doesn't reflect it, it doesn't know shit:

    25. Because you know yourselfie:

    26. If you think you being single is your fault:

    27. And you need some certified reminders today:

    28. Because no one is trying to make you feel better; these are simply truths:

    29. Don't believe me? Go ahead, touch your butt.

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