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23 Times Tumblr Perfectly Captured What Winter Is Like In Canada

Opposite of this.

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1. On "winter fashion":

2. And innovation:

3. On what's actually considered cold:

4. On the daily grind:


5. On the daily struggle:

6. On transportation:

7. On the suffering:

8. For 'Mericans, on some perspective:


9. And for the rest of the world:

10. (In great detail):

11. On your livestock:

12. On leaving Canada:


13. On looking forward to spring:

14. On whenever one might ask "how cold?" :


16. On making the most of it:


17. On life wisdom:

18. On the recent cold front:

19. On the first day of winter vs. now:

20. On news headlines:


21. On work:

22. And on getting there:

23. But on admitting defeat: