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21 Times Tumblr Hilariously Captured The U.S. And Canada Relationship

Siblings amirite.

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1. When they really understood the family dynamic.

2. When one tried to claim the other as their own.

3. When Americans successfully identified every province.

4. When they could not believe Canada is a real place.

5. And vice versa.

6. When one American tried to rub their holiday in Canadians' faces AND IT BACKFIRED.

7. And then Britain tried to jump in, which only bonded the two to team up against their common frenemy.

8. When Americans trolled Canadians for their dumb questions.

9. And vice versa.

10. (Let's be honest: It's usually Americans.)

11. ((But Canada can sure clap back.))

12. When someone made a snarky observation. And, again, it backfired.

13. When Canada finally figured out how they could be the centre of the universe.

14. When this exchange perfectly addressed Americans' strange fascination with bagged milk.

15. And this one, about maple syrup.

16. When Americans dissed their own at the expense of Canada.

17. When they didn't know what maltesers were.

18. When a rumored radio transcript in '95 accurately summed up the entire relationship.

19. When the U.S. tried to tease but the rest of the world had Canada's back.

20. When both sides of the border were in on the same wonderfully stupid joke.

21. When we learned what life was like on the exact border.

And one thing that unifies us all <3.

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