Drake Is Trying To Get People To Call Toronto "The 6" For Some Reason

    Because he can do that?

    If you haven't heard, on Tuesday, Drake announced that his new album will be called Views From The 6.

    Billboard was like: "It’s not entirely clear what 'The 6' is, though a recent online hoax would suggest it’s a reference to his hometown."

    Fans were confused too.

    Drake new album "View From The 6" WTF does that mean?!

    I cannot focus now that Drake announced his new album Views From The 6. What is the 6? I need to know.

    Maybe it had something to do with J.Lo?

    Until people started putting together two-and-two and six-and-six together...

    ...and realized Drake is lowkey trying to rebrand his home city.

    Turns out, some young people have been calling Toronto "The 6" for awhile. Like this one rapper, Jimmy Johnson:

    But now that Drake's involved, Toronto's on the brink of an identity crisis. All the kids are behind the new name:

    Drake's next album is called Views From The 6. Cooooool. Toronto love.

    Views from the 6 finna be dope omfgggg. Drake doing it for Toronto and its area codes. #drakeseason

    Drake naming his next album Views From The 6. I love this guy. #Toronto #the6

    Old heads who remember Toronto as "Tdot" are weary:

    Why is Toronto nicknamed "the 6" all of a sudden?

    why is toronto called the 6 wth is this

    Why not "The 4" then? RT @desusnice: RT @TrillBasil: @desusnice I'm from Toronto. We call it "The 6" cause the two area codes are 416 & 647

    Onlookers are like, "LOL."

    "The 6 is the nickname for toronto" - no one

    The 6 is not Toronto Idc what Drake say

    "I'm from Toronto and we call it the 6" - No. No we don't.

    Meanwhile in Canada, "the average non-Drake fan likely has no idea this is even happening," said Rawiya Kameir, a Toronto-based writer.

    Ever propelled by a feeling that his influence might not be fully acknowledged, Drake is really trying to make "The 6" happen. Toronto, are you with him?