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    19 True Unsung Modern Day Heroes


    1. This guy who tallied exactly how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

    2. This guy.

    3. The guy who stuck this note in the elevator.

    4. The driver who creatively stuck it to The Man:

    5. This vindicated Pokemon trainer.

    6. Whatever is going on here, and the guy in the mask taking advantage of it:

    7. This man in a flood:

    8. This Australian politician in parliament:

    9. Someone's very secure dad pumping gas:

    10. This kid studying the IHOP menu in class:

    11. This man casually browsing a local Target.

    12. Alan Moore, hero:

    13. This guy who styled and staged his own photoshoot:

    14. This man caught on the kiss cam:

    15. This guy:

    16. This kid taking matters into his own hands:

    17. Whoever did this at the Apple store:

    18. This male cheerleader with a message to his peers:

    19. And the poop police:

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