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    ABC Had Hilariously Inaccurate Captions During Trudeau's Speech In French

    But on par with the rest of Canada's French, tbh.

    You may have watched the news conference with Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama at the White House last week, but you probably missed the gibberish captions ran during Trudeau's French parts.

    As Imgur user BurgersEatingBurgers screenshot:

    "to be. He estimates. Quote. From fishing. Boat as it"

    So we went back to the footage to prove that they were indeed gold.

    "to be. He estimates. Quote. From fishing. Boat as it expanded to include maritime transport with and that's with the"

    And hilariously off-course. We get it, Americans, French is hard. They got all these inflections and accentuations. It's trayz deefeeseal.

    "have also decided to make a board that both more open and we'll say. Eight by. Agreeing. 032. Clearing"

    But what if their broken captioning is revealing a cryptic message our Canadian PM is trying to send... Dictated sitcoms?! Sounds threatening, but fun.

    "going to keep on doing these and the union the years and that dictated sitcom. and we hope in the"

    "President Obama I'd love the log trucks."

    "years and that dictated sitcom. And we hope in the centuries to coast. President Obama I'd love the log trucks"

    Please give them to him, Obama.

    This is actually rubbish, but also makes a lot of sense...

    "and the united state officials here are lucky cultural social problem isn't always have a lot and can't -- ordered"


    Google? How is Google involved in this...

    "currently she's somebody was that the US errors that it isn't it hard Google's move more rain. And from need"

    *whispers* Illuminati is real.

    Somewhere between Brazil and "the stage luggage" is a lot of secret intel to keep us woke.

    "This morning where there aren't against Brazil on. The in Milton and that's. We. What stage luggage. That there. Analysts."

    If you're wondering how Canada became one of the most educated countries in the world.

    "community college could also become a new book club palm trees that means the city's human among his discussions"

    Yes, Trudeau, you're trayz cool.

    of the weakness of the and we of course we"

    "Come April, we will talk about what is good for books, contradicted measles, and our economies."

    Right on., thanks for making us laugh and — oh. / Via

    “who often have you. We also announced its Nazi innings”


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