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    17 Towns In Canada You Won't Believe Actually Exist

    Well, of course they actually exist. But what an existence, eh?

    1. There is a town named Redditt in Ontario, where, until 1985, its main street was called Highway 666, and later renamed because a church was located at the end of the street.

    The church later demanded the street be renumbered so that it was not sitting on the "Highway To Hell." It has since been changed to Highway 658. H/T Reddit, of course.

    2. Kitsault is a town in British Columbia that was abandoned nearly overnight in 1983. The buildings and parks still stand, and the power is still on.

    The ghost town was eventually bought in 2008 by an American entrepreneur who plans to restore it back to a livable state.

    3. The Saskatchewan town of Tisdale had been hailing itself as the "land of rape and honey" for six decades before recently changing the slogan.

    4. As some of you already know, there is a town named Dildo in Newfoundland.

    5. ...that is not very far from the town of Spread Eagle, Newfoundland.

    6. But did you know that the following are also real places in Newfoundland: Heart's Desire, Leading Tickles, Come By Chance...

    7. Cow Head, Happy Valley, Blow Me Down, Happy Adventure... Newfoundland.

    8. A town named Swastika in Ontario refuses to change its name despite years of pressure from the government.

    They continue to argue that their namesake was around long before Nazis co-opted the swastika symbol.

    9. By some fortune or misfortune, the town of Delta, British Columbia has the postal code V4G1N4.

    10. The Canada-U.S. border runs through the town of Stanstead, Quebec, and you actually need a passport to cross this line.

    11. The city park of Kingston, Ontario now sits on top of a cemetery, and occasionally gravestones will surface. City officials have been trying and continue to try to keep the cemetery beneath the park.

    12. The former city councillor of Oshawa, Ontario kidnapped a city lawyer at gunpoint, was charged, imprisoned, and then ran for re-election as he was awaiting trial.

    13. Churchill, Manitoba is known for the world's first and only polar bear prison — yes, it's a prison with polar bear inmates who've been very bad.

    The idea is to hold and penalize the polar bears who wander into town so they learn not to come back.

    14. There is a town named Vulcan in Alberta, and it's been capitalizing off of its name and allusion to Star Trek with Star Trek murals, museums, conventions, and an actual replica of the starship Enterprise.

    15. The town of Dawson City, Yukon serves a cocktail with a real severed human toe that's been pickled and thrown into whiskey, and some people have actually swallowed the entire toe.

    Apparently the toes all come from consenting "living donors."

    16. The town of Fermont in Quebec has built an entire community inside of a wall expanding 1.3 kilometres long and 50 metres tall to protect its citizens from harsh wintry wind.

    17. And then there exists the town of Emo, Ontario.

    Where, we imagine, is home to the Emo Public Library, the Emo Laundromat, the Emo Amusement Park, the Emo Barbershop, the Emo Church... Those lucky 1,250 residents.