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    OMFG, This Teen Makes Tiny Pancakes For Her Pet Chickens

    These chickens are eating better than me.

    This is Sarah Kulevich. She's 18 years old. She lives in Illinois. And between her and her sister Nicole, they have nine pet chickens.

    Since the chickens are the only animals they care for, they really "spoil them," Sarah told BuzzFeed.

    Which, one day, included making them fresh, teeny-tiny pancakes because they're such well-behaved chickens.

    ...She put them in teeny-tiny plastic cups...😭

    ...And then put them out in the grass for their chickens to enjoy/peck at. 😭

    And no, she did not use any eggs in the pancake mix, for the 10,000 people asking.

    But the rest of us honestly just can't handle how thoughtful and adorable this is.

    Sarah tells BuzzFeed it's pretty normal for her and her sister to treat their chickens to people food.

    Frosted flakes also make chickens happy

    "I'll make them stuff like mashed potatoes or oatmeal for breakfast," she explains.

    "And when they aren't having home-cooked meals, they always have chicken food in their pen."


    WHAT A CLUCKY CREW. Not sure who I'm more jealous of, tbh.