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18 Times Lemony Snicket Understood Our Young, Dark Humour

Lemony wicked.

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1. When, in book two of A Series Of Unfortunate Events, he wanted to stress to "never ... ever" mess with electronic devices by emphasizing "ever" over and over...

2. ...For an entire page.

3. When, in book six of the series, he filled two whole pages with black boxes.

4. When he playfully fucked with us:

Harper Collins / Twitter: @garrettg____

5. When he spoiled his own narrative:

6. And when he then casually and masterfully intruded the suspense:

Harper Collins / Twitter: @katiesrambles

7. Anytime he goes above, beyond, and little bit sideways to get his points across.

Harper Collins / Twitter: @lksmithtron

8. When he penned this truth:

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9. When he issued this pro-tip:

10. And this one:

11. Basically when all of his advice is both brilliantly useful and utterly ridiculous:

12. When he was asked why he doesn't sell people on his own books:

13. And, finally, of course, all of his "About The Author" blurbs...

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14. ...When he's forced to talk about himself...

Harper Collins /

15. ...So he turns something so unnatural and agonizing...

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16. ...To something so splendid.

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17. Because it's now perfectly clear that the author of our childhoods...

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18. Did Not GA-single-F.

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