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15 Times K-Pop Quietly Owned The World In 2013

And headed straight for global domination, 2014.

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1. K-Pop fans revolt against Universal for blocking popular videos on YouTube AND WIN.

On March 24, YouTube blocked popular K-Pop Cube Entertainment videos, which raised hell from their international followings. Enraged online fans (AKA "netizens") took to social media like an army, and sure enough, they were heard. The videos soon appeared online again.

2. EXO wins MTV EMA's social buzz competition with most loyal Internet fans in the world.

Twitter: @search

Although EXO did not nab the "Best Worldwide Act" at the MTV EMAs, the boy band proved they had the most devoted online allegiance, beating out 1D-ers and Beliebers worldwide.


3. Lady Gaga shares personal EXO and K-Pop support.

Mother Monster joins a club of American celebs who have not only voiced their fandom of the charming K-Pop group, but the entire music genre. Yaaasssss, Gaga, yaassssss.

4. The "G-Wave" makes a huge splash in the U.S.

K-Pop sensation G-Dragon (along with Big Bang bandmates) gets amazing U.S. reception following huge hit releases this year. GD now has his own Rap Genius page, a crowdsourced music site, proving he has a legion of fans over here as well.

5. And speaking of... Diplo, Missy Elliot, Bieber and other music forces itch to work with G-Dragon.

The South Korean sensation collabed with a range of American and International talent this year to bring us innovative new hybrid sounds (and music videos!). GD recently announced he's recorded a track with Justin Bieber, but the effort won't be released to the public until 2014.

Also, remember when GD and TOP jumped in Korean verses on Major Lazer's Bubble Butt remix? Yeah, eargasm ensued.

6. Brown Eyed Girls set up to basically rule the world after Black Box release.

Their fifth studio effort Black Box pulls pages from all over Western pop culture (disco, Kill Bill, tight rap flow), which makes their unique genre-bending sound extremely accessible to fans on this side of the globe. BEG, OUR AIRWAVES ARE WAITING FOR YOU. Plus, some of their M/Vs might as well be epic short films.


7. 2NE1 catches the attention of, collabs for English bangers together.

We can't say we're too surprised itched to work with the YG girl group sensation, but the dance track "Gettin' Dumb" expanded their musical dimensions and we got one helluva hard-hitting rap verse from CL.

8. B.A.P hits new U.S. tour cities to put new pockets of K-Pop fans on the map.

LA and NYC are by far two of the country's most popular K-Pop concert locations, but B.A.P. hitting San Francisco and D.C. on their tour prove there's still a queue of cities waiting for their turn.

9. BTS became the #1 trending topic on Twitter during After School live show.

Big Hit Entertainment / Via

On September 24, the then newly-formed boy group appeared on K-Pop's live request show After School Club which drove a surge of fans to tweet the event at a crazy rate, turning #BTSASC into the hottest trending topic in the world.

10. Drunken Tiger's Tiger TK, Yoon Mi Rae & Bizzy make "Kollaboration Star" appearances to rep K-Hip-Hop.

"Kollaboration Star," an annual concert series that brings global and North American Asian talent together, headlined Korean hip hop act Drunken Tiger for their first ever U.S. performance.

11. Psy and Steven Tyler are a thing? Musically, that is!

You heard right, folks: In October, Psy told Italy's L'Uomo Vogue that he and Steven Tyler will be working on a new record together. "When I was in middle school, I literally cried when Aerosmith were singing 'Crazy' or 'Amazing' or whatever," he told the magazine. "They were my lifetime role models, and now I am collaborating with Steven Tyler, what the fuck, man? (laughter) I love my life."

12. YG Entertainment nabs not one, not two, but THREE YouTube "Gold Play" Awards For Psy, Big Bang, and 2NE1.

The title is prized for YouTube Partner channels that have over 1 million subscribers. So let's break this down:

Psy: ~6.5 million

Big Bang: ~2 million

2NE1: ~1.8 million

13. Western artists showed up big at this year's Mnet Asian Music Awards.

CL of 2NE1 jumped on stage with Icona Pop, viral sensation Ylvis collabed with Crayon Pop, and Stevie Wonder croons with Korean singer Hyolyn and Hong Kong's Aaron Kwok.

14. Girls' Generation grabs huge win at first ever YouTube Awards, beating Miley Cyrus, 1D, Justin Bieber.

One of the biggest South Korean pop acts eyed that number 1 spot—and they really showed up big. Their video for "I Got A Boy" was awarded Video of The Year by the First Annual YouTube Awards, leaving a collective jaw drop from 1D, Miley, J. Biebs, and Gaga fans.

Well deserved, Girls'!

15. And possibly the most important event in 2013: A fanboy films a hilariously epic reaction video to miss A's "Hush," with some *special* commentary for Min.

View this video on YouTube / Via

"Who doesn't love wet Min...NOT MEN. Min."

Min tweeted it out and even laughed off all the cringe-worthy bits.


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