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21 Things Tim Hortons Employees Secretly Wished You Knew

Your cream cheese complaints? Sorry, but deal with it.

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8. Those who have to work the dreaded graveyard shift at 24-hour locations have seen everything.

An ex–New Brunswick employee says she witnessed a man abusing his spouse inside the store. She admits she spat in his water.


12. The iced-capp machines do break down often, but cashiers maybe-sort-of-kind-of lie to customers about it, too...

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It's a very tedious three-step process, apparently, and sometimes THEY'RE JUST OVER IT, OK? SORRY AGAIN.


18. And customers' complaints about #TimHortonsCreamCheeseGate really are all a result of time.

Employees are asked to churn them out extremely quickly, so they'll usually slather one side with cream cheese, and just pray that the heat from the bagel will transfer it to the other side.