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21 Things Tim Hortons Employees Secretly Wished You Knew

Your cream cheese complaints? Sorry, but deal with it.

1. Police officers are usually treated to free coffee, but they insist on paying, so workers are treated to a nice tip.

2. Police officers and cabbies — whether or not they're given free coffee — also happen to be the best tippers across the board.

Twitter: @jane_haydon

Regulars are also fantastic tippers. Some have even given a crisp $20.

3. The breakfast shift can be a nightmare. Tensions are heightened and people can get really aggressive if you get their orders wrong.

4. People are exceptionally rude when a popular Timbit flavour runs out.

Twitter: @truerisky

Or customers will make the same joke: "Oh, did you guys eat them all?" Nyuk nyuk nyuk, very funny.

5. While there is no science to assorting "assorted Timbits," employees will usually toss in more of the popular flavours first.

Twitter: @jjchuu

Or what their personal favourites are.

6. ...which probably explains why certain Timbits always run out.

7. Employees will get called out for "lengthy chattiness" with overly nice and chatty Canadians in the morning.

It slows down the operation so they unfortunately have to cut the small talk short.

8. Those who have to work the dreaded graveyard shift at 24-hour locations have seen everything.

An ex–New Brunswick employee says she witnessed a man abusing his spouse inside the store. She admits she spat in his water.

9. (Everything and anything. For a lot of towns across Canada, Tim Hortons is the only place open during the wee hours of the night.)

10. In fact, they sometimes have to lock the washrooms after 10 p.m.

Twitter: @975river

Sex and drugs are just some of the things that take place in there...

11. The sandwich station is the most coveted place to work because you don't have to deal directly with customers.

Twitter: @NHLFlames

(You grabbed the best spot, Joe Colborne.)

12. The iced-capp machines do break down often, but cashiers maybe-sort-of-kind-of lie to customers about it, too...

Twitter: @samanthaasin

It's a very tedious three-step process, apparently, and sometimes THEY'RE JUST OVER IT, OK? SORRY AGAIN.

13. The machines also get very dirty and clogged, which is MAINLY why they break down so often.

Twitter: @bakedlaysss

Words that have described the inside of an iced capp machine: "Brown goop," "odour," "residue," "sticky," "syrupy."

14. Now, how often iced capp machines are actually cleaned remains a mystery...

It's a really dirty, labourous job, so it's not done as often as it probably needs to.

15. But besides that, most Tims are kept extremely clean.

16. Being burned by the coffee machine is like a rite of passage for employees.

Twitter: @NicoleeMillss

It usually happens when you have to clean the machines. Or, taking out the trash and it's full of half-filled cups.

17. The most annoying request is to have the bagel double-toasted.

It's been described as a "delicate dance" and nearly impossible to achieve without completely frying the bagel.

18. And customers' complaints about #TimHortonsCreamCheeseGate really are all a result of time.

Employees are asked to churn them out extremely quickly, so they'll usually slather one side with cream cheese, and just pray that the heat from the bagel will transfer it to the other side.

19. THIS, however, is still unexplainable to them.

Twitter: @andersonrecker1

Their best guess is time restraints, again. Most likely because the chocolate wasn't allowed to be properly set before it was sent out.

20. The feelings toward nicknames "Tims" and "Timmies" are split.

Twitter: @Grace_Li3

Some employees love it, and some employees hate it.

21. But every employee would like you to know to please be kind and patient.

Twitter: @FettuccineOG

A lot of them are teens, or starting their first jobs, or putting themselves through school, and it can be one crazy, messy, wild ride.

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