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A House Was Transformed Into A Tim Hortons And It May Be The Cutest And Most Canadian Thing Ever

Eh-plus stunt.

Some neighbours in Calgary, Alberta woke up to a delightful and convenient surprise Tuesday morning:

This morning a #YYC neighbourhood woke up to a big surprise! It’s a house, it’s a Tims, it’s the #TimsNextDoor.

Yup — Overnight, Tim Hortons secretly transformed a house into an up-and-running coffee shop.

Local residents found gift baskets at their doorstep in the early AM, and were lured to the house by chalk drawings on the sidewalk.

Super impressed with @TimHortons pop up in my hood & the gift on my doorstep #timsnextdoor #mediastunts #oakridge

Till noon today in Oakridge @TimHortons #timsnextdoor @thekreap #yyc #TimHortons

There, they were greeted with free coffees and donuts:

And stepped into a real Timmies house, complete with living room lounge area:

And a store counter built into the interior:

The #TimsNextDoor promotion is a one-day stunt to kick off the company's new employment campaign.

Neighbours are always welcome at the #TimsNextDoor! Help serve your neighbourhood - apply now: http://t.co/4Qj716ahx2

And while it's successfully gotten people talking, a representative told BuzzFeed that this is "more than serving coffee; it’s about serving the neighbourhood."

The shop will be restored back to a house tomorrow, but until then, for neighbours of 303 Oakfern Way, this is truly a Canuck's dream come true.