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This 3-Year-Old Boy's Best Friend Is A Leaf Blower

"He does have soft toys — a whole basket full of them. But he never cuddles them like he does with tools," Riot's mom told BuzzFeed News.

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This is Heidi Heilig, 37, an author based in Brooklyn and mother to 3-year-old "Riot" (it's a nickname). Heilig and her husband are expecting another child in April.

According to Heilig, her son is obsessed with leaf blowers — this one in particular, actually. She said he carries it everywhere, and even tucks it in at night. The leaf blower has become Riot's best friend, she told BuzzFeed News.

Heidi Heilig

"The adoration actually started with fans of all sorts — ceiling fans, table fans, box fans. And a leaf blower is just a really strong fan with a tube attached," Heilig explained.

After she purchased a leaf blower to, well, sweep away leaves outside their home, Riot has become really fascinated with it. "He likes shouting into the tube," she said.

Heilig said Riot refuses to part ways with it, almost like a teddy bear. He even tucks it in at night.

Heidi Heilig

She said Riot started tucking it in on the couch/the leaf blower's bed "because it was the only way I could get him to go to sleep without having it in his bed with him."

She thinks her son's particular fascination and fondness for random electrical tools is because her husband's profession brings a lot of them in the house. "Basically, he's very nurturing but since my husband is a solar installer, he nurtures electrical parts," she said.

Heilig said she's confused but ultimately very amused by it all. "Kids are funny and you have no power over who or what they love. You just have to support it however you can."

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